Available Programs

We offer the following programs to our customers at no cost:

Pre-Authorized Payment

We can automatically draft your electric bill from your bank account each month. Drafts will be drawn on the due date indicated on your bill which is approximately the same day each month.

Senior Citizen Discount

Available to residential customers 65 years of age or older with household income of $14,355 per year or less, this discount helps customers save on their monthly electric bill.

Prepay Metering

Prepay metering allows qualified residiential customers to pay for electricity in advance much like putting gasoline in a car. Click here for more information.


Stop monthly paper statements and receive an email when your bill is available to view online.

Levelized Billing

Pay levelized monthly average amount so the bill is close to the same amount each month.

Energy Audit

We can come to your home and help you determine where your energy dollar is being spent as well as provide energy-saving tips.

Green Power

Purchase one or multiple 100-kWh blocks of green power which helps put electricity generated from renewable sources on the electric grid in place of electricity from traditional power plants. The cost is $0.60 per block and it is added to your electric bill each month.

Contact our Customer Service Department for more information about these programs.