Aquatic Weed Control

Lake Blackshear was built in the 1920’s, generating the first hydroelectric power in 1930. Because of its age, shallowness, and being the first reservoir on the Flint River below the headwaters near Atlanta, it receives an abundance of nutrients resulting in an assortment of noxious aquatic weeds and plants that grow in the lake. The Power Commission uses a variety of environmentally sound methods to try and control this growth including aquatic herbicide treatments during the warm months of the year. Our goal has never been to eliminate all the aquatic growth in the lake but to try and control it. Our main thrust in this program is to keep boating lanes, area around boat ramps, and public use areas as free of aquatic growth as we can. Anyone with questions about aquatic weeds in the lake should contact the Resource Manager, Troy Gilliam, at 229-273-3820.