Meter Reading and Billing

Meter Reading

Meters are read approximately the same day each month. For your protection, CCPC employees are required to wear identification when on customer's property.

How To Read A Meter

Electric consumption is measured in kilowatt-hours (1 kilowatt-hour equals a 100 watt bulb turned on for 10 hours) using meters. Some meters have four dials and some meters have five dials but the method used to read them both is the same. Older meters have "clock" hands that take some practice to read correctly but newer meters use "odometer" style dials that can be read directly.

To read the "clock" hands on an older meter:

  1. Note that the dials alternate between turning clockwise and counterclockwise.
  2. Read from right to left
  3. If the pointer is between two numbers, write down the smaller number.
  4. If the pointer is right on a number, check the dial to the right. If the previous dial is between 0 and 5, use the number the pointer is on. If the previous dial is between 6 and 9, subtract one from the number the dial is on. For practice, read the dials shown at the left. The four dial reads 9045 and the five dial reads 97616


Generally, bills are processed and mailed the day following the meter reading. Your electric bill includes a breakdown of your current charges, usage information for the current and prior 13 months, and a message center.

Bills are due 18 days after the billing date. After 18 days, a late charge is assessed and a courtesy phone call is made. The late charge is 1% of the bill amount or $5, whichever is higher.

Accounts that remain unpaid at the time the meter is read will be subject to disconnection.


CCPC customers enjoy some of the lowest electric rates in the country. Click here for a complete copy of our rate schedules. Adobe Reader is required.